Easy 3 minute, 10 question Survey Results

Eamonn Grant – Survey Results  – Growth Hackers Dublin #3

Recorded 5th June 2014. Growth Hackers Dublin in the Irish Times, Tara Street, Dublin.

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One of the things we did do is we sent out a survey to our customers. We did this for multiple businesses that we own. We did this for Flowers Made Easy, we did it for Wholesale, and we did it for several other things. What was interesting was what we didn’t realize before that. And just to give you an idea from the Flowers Made Easy side, the Flowers Made Easy number was still above that number you want, about 60%. If you hit 60%, you’re a legend. If you hit 40%, you should keep going, fix it, tweak it, and get it going up. Continue Reading →


Finding Your Product Market Fit in Online Retail

Product Market Fit – Eamonn Grant – Growth Hackers Dublin #3

Recorded 5th June 2014. Growth Hackers Dublin in the Irish Times, Tara Street, Dublin.

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The next thing I wanted to quickly talk to you about was the Wholesale Flower. We also have a Wholesale Flower business. One of the things that we did here was we wanted to talk about product/market fit. We launched this site. We spent about four days taking the Flowers Made Easy site and converting it into the Wholesale Flower site. We spent about 2,000 on product and we stuck it on shelves in the corner and we sold 3,000 worth of product in 12 months, so not very successful but we had loads of data. Continue Reading →


Dealing With Protective Brands & Their Fear Of Digital

Eamonn Grant – FEAR OF DIGITAL – Growth Hackers Dublin #3

Recorded 5th June 2014. Growth Hackers Dublin in the Irish Times, Tara Street, Dublin.

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So I’ve got a job with probably one of the best brands in the world. In fairness to the AA, they really are, and voted most trusted brand in the UK only a couple of months ago. And I knew what was getting into. And so the problem with a perfect brand is that they’re scared. They’re very scared. They’re scared of people like me and you because it’s a 102-year-old business, and they’ve always done things the way they’ve done things, and they’re trusted, and they have no Facebook page because of trust. You can’t have a Facebook page so we could complain. Wouldn’t that be terrible? Continue Reading →


Spend a Penny, Pay a Pound

It was 2009 and I found myself caught up in a really strange situation. Up until now, I’ve never written or spoken about the saga in public.

It was my first 15 minutes of fame that ended up on the websites of CNN, Sky News, Wired and in papers like the Financial Times, not to mention a slot on RTE Six One News.

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Open Brew for Irish Open Data Projects

Open brew is not about brewing in the beer sense. Its about helping to create the right environment and mix to produce some really tasty Open Data projects.

“Open Brew is a movement for open data developers and creatives who are focusing on making open data projects happen.”

[Update Dec 2013] We ran the first Open Brew event in Nov 2013 and it was a bit of a flop! Check out Code For Ireland for a list of open data projects.
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Airbnb Ireland for Irish Bank Holiday Deals

Last week, I was having a think about how the new roe clan might spend a long weekend in Ireland. With all of the recent great weather, the thought of the outdoors and some inner voice telling me to light a fire and cinder food on a barbecue was taking over. I some how got it into my head that a camping weekend might be a fun way to relax and release my inner caveman.

I started by scoured the internet, looking for August Bank Holiday special offers. There were a loads of great offers floating around but with such last minute planning, I had no hope of finding availability.

If you haven’t done so already make sure to signup to Airbnb. They have some great discounts for new users.

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ParkYa Parking App Opens for Private Beta

I’ve been keeping ParkYa under wraps for some time now. Some of you may have heard that we have been working on a new product for a while now. You may have even heard something about a parking app.

In August 2011, I started working on a product that is now called ParkYa. The name of the project changed since back then but our tag line of “Parking Made Easier!” stayed the same. ParkYa is a solution that helps drivers to find and pay for parking (on+off street) via mobile devices.

In July of this year, I was accepted on to Enterprise Ireland’s new frontiers programme out in the LINC in ITB. They call it an Entrepreneur Development Programme but it’s really more like a start-up accelerator. Continue Reading →