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Paddy the Palestinian anarchists pigging the Storehouse

I had a great St. Patrick’s week/day this year. It was a bit of an odd one as it’s my first year living in the city centre whilst the Paddy’s day festival was on.

I’ve recently moved into an apartment, located on Capel Street with Louise. Before you ask, yes the noise from the street can be a pain sometimes. For anyone who doesn’t know, Capel Street is a small one way street that is located directly at the end of one of our main pedestrianised shopping streets Henry Street. We are just far enough away to avoid most of the hustle and bustle. To be honest, the benefits of being so central really outweigh any of the negative stuff.

Last year I was invited to the grand stand by the guys at I got some amazing photos but it was a bit of a pain not being able to leave the grand stand without having to walk through the parade. This years Paddy’s day was a bit of an interesting one. I was invited by Eamon Leonard to watch the parade from his office roof top. We had such an amazing view! His office is located in the middle of Dame Street, just a stones throw from Dublin’s City Hall. Continue Reading →

Pixie putting the Paddy back into St.Patricks day.

On a slightly lighter note..The guys over at, in conjunction with the Irish St Patrick’s Festival are trying to muster up support for a huge photo sharing project. The project aims to help document this year’s paddy’s day festival. Genius! what better way to show the Yanks that we are still up for a good party!

As part of my patriotic duty as an Irish citizen, I would humbly like to invite every possible tourist (with a bit of Irish in them) back to Ireland for paddy’s day (17th March) . After all, where better to experience an authentic Irish festival then in Ireland. Now would be an ideal time to book a cheap flight and affordable accommodation. So why not drum up a bit of support and pass this on to everyone you know!

Check out the Irish St Patrick’s Festival (12th-17th March) and for more info (also thank the Sponsor, Canon) . You can follow paddy’s day via twitter at @stpatricksfest