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Freelance colab hyperlocals

This blog post is part of my blogging for 365 days series.

The Freelance Feed, showcasing a high number of quality freelance reading resources., Enabling collaboration by helping people with ideas meet people with skills.

SPF Record Setup for Multiple Mail Servers

Social SEO the Evolution – Fact and Fiction, it’s business as usual crappy links and ok content!

Are Hyperlocals Replacing Traditional Newspapers? sites that don’t have the budget for flashy graphics or searchable databases. Their content comes from observant neighbors.

The future is another country, Social networks and statehood. Facebook is not quite a sovereign state—but it is beginning to look and act like one

E-Books tone better decisions

This blog post is part of my blogging for 365 days series.

E-Books sales top that of  Hardcovers at Amazon.

Check the tone of your emails.. Studies show e-mail messages are interpreted incorrectly 50% of the time.

Five Ways Pixar Makes Better Decisions

Thoughts on Google’s App Inventor

A Look Back at the Last 5 Years in Social Media

Looking for a new start? Try a job in PR (Junior PR Executive/s ).

How to Maximize Your Click-Through Rate and Add More Control to Your Landing Pages Using Ad Sitelinks

German sticker removal for android cloud

This blog post is part of my blogging for 365 days series.

Crazy Germans .. Germans take cultural party on to motorway. As many as three million people turned up for a giant banquet at picnic tables along 60km (40 miles) of motorway between Duisburg and Dortmund

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit – Available at – feat. Brad Stine:

Google Discontinues the Nexus One Android Phone.

Wordalizer lets you Create Word Clouds in InDesign

37+ Great Ajax, CSS Tab-Based Interfaces

How fast is your Facebook page growing? The Irish Social Media Monitor has been developed as a resource to track the growth of commercial Facebook pages in ireland.

Anyone fancy doing Anglo’s new website? Payment up front, maybe?

Compulsory Driving Lessons : What The Changes Would Mean for Learners.

Anothers Life brings the lives of others back to life

The lives of others was an experimental blog that was started back on March 18th 2008. What made this blog compelling was an anonymous format that provided the ultimate freedom to share or to speak, to mention the unmentionable and to explore feelings and emotion. Almost two years on and the site has now closed its doors to new secrets.

The reaction in comments on the lives of others blog and on twitter has been quite strong. Many were wondering why a blog which was nominated for an Irish blog award is closing its doors. Many have speculated that the such an anonymous medium could actually cause a lot of headaches in terms of moderation. Who knows .. but RIP the lives of others.

However there is some good news. Anothers Life, a website that provides a similar format has come to the rescue. I set up the site with the aim of keeping the this medium alive. The new site has no connection with lives of others, other than the anonymous format that is used. Continue Reading →

Weedle Weedle Weedle to launch today



Weedle the new job search thing is due to launch later today. I was at the Weedle preview last night and it looked kind of cool :)

Basically  Weedle are another social network but are a mixture of a golden pages and a social network.  Think of it as a slicker linkedin where you can quite easily see what individual to use for a task/skill based on your Weedle network. Continue Reading →

Artcamp Dublin, Spring 2010


I’ve managed to get involved with helping to organise another barcamp. We have done barcamps, bizcamps and all that jazz, now its time for Artcamp. The main idea being to help bridge the divide between the artist and technology community. Both artists and technology community have a lot in common and even more learn from each other. Now seems like a great time to start creating,innovating and collaborating in new and exciting ways. Continue Reading →

Change is good!

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a little while. Like everyone else, the whole micro blogging thing (@jasonroe) is what has been keeping me going. I’m making a commitment here and now to go back “old school” again and resume blogging. You really cant beat a blog in terms of flexibility. There have been so many occasions where I wanted to write more than 140 characters, but the thought of having to go through the motions bored me to death.

This blog, its identity and who I am has changed a lot since I started blogging. Originally I wanted a place to chat about what I do in work, web design and development stuff. Well who would have guessed, but talking about that stuff after a day in the office bored me to tears. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but to be honest, I hate talking about work outside of work. I would much prefer to have a good long chat about business than the technical side of what I do. Continue Reading →

Better Business Online in a Tough Economy

The IIA are holding their national congress on Thursday 21 May.. The slant is Better Business Online .. Money, Marketing, Monitoring & Mobile.

Speakers include Facebook – speaking at the largest Internet industry event in Ireland to date – Google, dotMobi and Realex Payments. Id be up for going to Ronan Harris’s (Google) talk on Analytics and Conversion tracking. Colm Long from Facebook is another one to watch out for.

The guys at the IIA have offered my readers a 20% discount for the event. (That includes members and non members). We all love saving a few quid.

To avail of this enter the code “ cong004 ” book by the 17th April (Tomorrow) to avail of the early bird price.

11.40am – Ronan Harris – Online Sales & Operations Director, Google, will examine the role Analytics and Conversion Tracking plays in getting far better results online.
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